Golden Ray Investigation

Looks like I missed today’s streaming but schedule shows more later in week I think.

Looks like I didn’t miss much.

There are two and a quarter hours of hearing at

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Thanks for the link. Hope the power stays on.

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Using excellent headphones and turning the volume way up you can hear much of it by working at it.

Second to fourth day usually gets into the meat. Perhaps I am predisposed in my opinion with what happened, but will have an open ear.

Everything was fine until it wasn’t.

Short 1500 tons of ballast.

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Stability issues is a polite understatement. Capital mistake with a lot of consequences.

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I’ve not found much from a couple quick searches. I did read the C/M’s testimony. The calculated GM was around 2.5 meters. I’d guess the minimum required GM would be around 1 meter. Evidently both the cargo and ballast weights were incorrect.

Sounds very similar to the MV Höegh Osaka incident in Southampton. The C/M of the Golden Ray testified that he didn’t have a final stow plan but was using estimated weights


Standard practice in load ports for used cars. In ports where new cars are loaded almost always get a good pre-stow with exact weights.

Link to docs is here: