Ro-Ro Golden Ray Capsize - Port of Brunswick Georgia

Ro-Ro just capsized just inside of the Saint Simmons Bar in Brunswick.

Repeat of the Hoegh Osaka incident? Only this time Ballasting underway in preparation for the port call versus after.

Hopefully no one is hurt.

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Ah dammit :expressionless:

I suspect it’s much as you’ve predicted, Yank.

More similar that that. The Osaka was leaving Southampton which is a load port with a full load. The Golden Ray was arriving at Brunswick which is a discharge port. Often US SSI is the first U.S.E.C discharge port so often arrival with a full load, min fuel and min ballast.

I beg to differ with your assertion of “discharge port”. When working for ARC, we loaded US built BMW’s, and other vehicles for Europe.

I didn’t realize it was a load port, been there many times discharge only. It makes sense, more and more ports are becoming both load/discharge all the time. Southampton is both of course, just in that case the loading was the salient part. Same in Brunswick I assume, most likely full load on arrival.

Or the Cougar Ace.


Supposedly it was departing, not arriving — destination Baltimore.


Does anyone else have a problem with the Captain and Chief Engineer abandoning the vessel (which didn’t sink) and telling the CG commander the four missing crew might be trapped in the engine room? To me that seems like abandoning was premature.

Brunswick News article

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Hard to say either way. It would be almost impossible to move around inside a ship that is almost laying on it’s side. Most areas of the vessel would be inaccessible.

I recall that on the Cougar Ace one of the salvors was killed from a fall, presumably he had suitable gear available for working inside the ship inclined at a steep angle.

Coast Guard personnel onboard the Golden Ray are currently trying to locate the four crew members who are still unaccounted for. Irwin said the ship’s captain informed them the men could have been in the engine room, which was sealed, although the missing crewmen’s exact location has not been verified.

We’re still trying to figure out how to get down there,” Irwin said.

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Thats fair. Maybe it’s a bit arm-chair quarterbacking. I just feel like I’d have a hard time leaving guys behind if I’m not in immediate risk. That article did say they were advising the CG though, so that is perhaps as good as it can get right now.

The ship is still afloat and in somewhat calm waters near the shore. Hopefully those 4 crewman are simply unable to get to a ladder and are ok.

I’m not sure about the fire but the pilotage out of Brunswick is pretty wide until that turn. If they had a marginal GM, that screamin turn on to the range might have been the straw…

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The video just posted to the homepage shows quite a bit of smoke coming from throughout the vessel. Certainly seems like from the initial pics to start this thread to now (midday EST) a fire has broken out onboard. Hopefully the 4 missing crew can be accounted for safely, cant imagine aside from surround and drown there’s much to be done about an onboard fire by now.

@Kennebec_Captain Was a naval architect on the Cougar Ace salvage team who slipped and fell. Tragic.

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Cougar Ace story linked here.

Not a fun place to be with this vessel from recall of Cougar Ace article. A salvage job that requires cave climbing skills. And a good bit of nerve.

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The Brunswick News linked above updated 11 hrs ago that tapping was heard from inside the vessel. I didn’t see anything more current except that the four crew members have not yet been rescued.

There was also a search in the water so evidently it’s not assumed all four as still aboard.

I knew him (Marty Johnson) when he worked for Maritrans, he was a really good guy!

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Golden Ray was outbound.