Inaccurate Stability Calculations Found as Probable Cause in Golden Ray

Strictly speaking the calculation part of the problem was done correctly - the numbers used in the calculations were wrong.

The NTSB determined the probable cause of the capsizing to be the chief officer’s error entering ballast quantities into the stability calculation program, which led to his incorrect determination of the vessel’s stability

Full NTSB report is here:

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Have found an interesting comment in Maritime Executive. Quote:

Interview of Chief Mate was the funniest interview I ever read. NTSB “determines”? No- NTSB “guesses”. Any lawyer that can not punch holes in the findings should ask their law school for their money back. End quote.

Also “…the operator has switched to a new software system for stability calculations and retrained its officers.” what dovetails with Alias David Boffey thought provoking remarks in latest Splash247 article (comment section) on the issue. . Link to interviews as per gCaptain info

NTSB Docket - Docket Management System

Note: while reading fasten your seatbelts and do not consume any liquids. Latest video on utube worth seeing :

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