Crews Readying Heavy Lift Vessel VB-10000 for Golden Ray Salvage

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Is anyone aware of either recorded VHF traffic or a radio transcript if that incident?

RIck Spilmam has a post up with a video.

Nothing spectacular but at about 0:27 a crewmember has a “this is heavier than I thought” moment with a mooring line. No fail, just has to get help.

Is it normal for a barge to fly an ensign? I have never noticed one flying on a barge before, only on the tug or a ship.

Maybe just flying it for the video. I don’t see it in the other photos, the few I checked anyway.


Interesting company

I meant audio or a transcript of the actual incident. Like radio traffic between the Golden Ray bridge/Pilot and USCG or assisting tugs. At the time the vessel capsized.