Video surveillance?

Doing my weekly search for is the grass greener, I came upon this;
Anyone have any info on this? Are we all (tow boaters) to expect this in the future ? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me…

Theyve got cameras on the tugs and barges dkwn here in So Cal already

Got them on OSVs already

HOS already using it

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15 cameras on my boat, video pulled only in the event of a serious incident, typically.

Hands above the sheets, men. . . . .

30+ cameras on the new builds.!

we had cameras, up to 54, on pre-positioned military contract ships. they were aimed at entries to the captains cabin, ammo magazines, crane houses, engine spaces, the gangway and entries to the holds. the monitor screens where placed at the gangway, bridge, captain & c/e offices, and engine control room. in each ship i have been on with multiple cameras, the video was so small and made smaller when split into multiple camera views, that you would have to get right up to the screen to see what you are looking at. in most instances the work and daily activity went on with little attention payed to any monitors after the newness wore off. Observing the shipboard activity didn’t seem to be the main purpose because no one spent any time monitoring the feed. the system was intended to be for security reasons installers would say, but with no one watching sure seemed like a waste of money. they did have play-back mode which could be useful, once in a hundred years.

Even with nobody monitoring, the presence of cameras has a strong deterrence factor

We have a system but make sure it keeps the recordings useless. Grease, dust, smudges, salt…good luck. They put them in crap spots so its a “safety risk” in my book to clean them. Radar and VHF recordings as well, not necessarily bad to have.

[QUOTE=fullbell;126952]Even with nobody monitoring, the presence of cameras has a strong deterrence factor[/QUOTE]

Deterrance factor, cameras do have that. Yet the gatherings, screwing off or whatever goes on regardless, just out of view.

Against what? I’ve seen them get disabled in the ECR.

Have approximately 4 on moran harbor tugs. Bow stern and two engine room. Flat screen displays to view and a box that is constantly recording them, radio transmissions, and gps info. All password protected so only reviewable by office personnel after an incident. Office has capabilities to view real time footage on the new boats…

I believe harley marine is installing them on their fleet too

Cruise ship I worked on had over 1,000 cameras, mostly for pax issues and in pax spaces though. Also, had a dedicated group that watched them all day/night long. One incidence of a crew member getting caught at boat drill with his cellphone. There were some in the ER & machinery spaces, but according to the C/E mostly used for looking at the general condition of the room (smoke, fire, sparks, leaking pips, etc) not for following around guys to make sure they’re doing their rounds.

My new drillship has cameras in a bunch of areas, and they can tilt/pan/zoom, but we’re just using them for observing the general spaces. They don’t cover the entire room, just important areas as in the gens & engines, thruster motors, stack, etc.

In a perfect World guys doing rounds would catch everything, but with the small crews nowadays I can see the use of cameras as a plus.

I forget all about them. You can look at whats going on from the bridge or office but I dont pay it much mind. If I screw up, well I just screwed up.

This would not have worked on some of the boats that I worked on in the past. The way they would shake everything would a blur.