Veterans Groups Advocate for U.S. Coast Guard Pay

I didn’t think it would take long before some folks started protesting. This is getting rediculous. It’s not that much money. Give the spoiled kid his wall.

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We are in a small town with 20 Coasties at the local USCG station. The community is reaching out, with a number of dinners, and a hot breakfast was brought in for them this morning.

I suspect Mr. Cavo is feeling this, too. Very sad.

Not that bad, so far. Nowhere near as bad as those at lower grades, or with less time to build up some savings. I have accepted this nonsense as a way of life for a Federal employee, and have accumulated a cushion to ride out a reasonable disruption. But pissing it away for this nonsense is infuriating, I could be using it for my daughter’s college tuition, or to buy more kayaks. And I have at least a bit of hope that we’ll get back pay (why hasn’t the bill both sides of Congress passed been signed…?). Contractors will not be a s fortunate.


For many mariners furloughs several times a year are normal. Some short ones and some long ones. A month is no big deal. Sometimes we can get unemployment and sometimes we cannot. Savings, credit cards, and lines of credit carry us through the furloughs. Unfortunately, this is often a normal part of being a Mariner.

This isn’t a normal furlough, though. the CG enlisted guys don’t need this. They don’t make the money we do. I’m hoping the 30 day milestone will jog all these warring parties back into reality because this is just not sustainable.

Not to mention all the retired members won’t be getting paid. Some of whom must be on fixed incomes.

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I’m watching C-SPAN right now. I love the morning call in show because sometimes you get some real doozies.

Now it’s speeches on the floor of the House. Same old hot air

I don’t see any urgency from the unions, which is puzzling, given that a growing number of members will not be able to ship deep sea

Hyperpartisanship has destroyed the budget process. New rules are needed to return budgeting to sanity. Government shutdowns must be stopped.

A simple rule would fix this: “in the event Congress fails to pass a budget appropriation, there will be automatic temporary funding at the previous year’s level until a new appropriation is passed.

Enlisted folks in the “Eelgrass Navy” certainly should not be waiting for paychecks. That is an emergency. Trump should reprogram DOD funds with an Emergency proclamation to pay them on time.

Many government employees are well compensated, have great benefits, and normally super secure jobs. Government employees rarely get fired or laid off, no matter how incompetent or lazy they may be, or how much time they spend selling out their agency to lobbyists and government contractors. Now they are getting a little taste of what working conditions are like for the rest of us in the private sector. None of them are going to starve, it may be good for them.

There are many good very hardworking and effective people in Government, but they are in the minority. What’s that phrase: “ A few very good people trying to stay afloat in a sea of incompetence.”

Those people mismanaging NMC would be promptly fired for poor performance in the private sector. In government service they just get promoted. Waiting a few days to get paid salaries that they don’t really earn is a minor inconvenience. They should be damn greatful for their government jobs.



This is also affecting government contractors as well. They are probably not going to get paid, even when the government reopens for this period. Comparing a civil service office job to a private-sector mariner job is not apples to apples. Many of the people affected, like TSA agents, make around $30K a year and are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s difficult for people to have any significant savings with that type of salary.
Most people that work in government, despite your overwhelmingly negative view, love this country and want to do their jobs, and they should be getting paid for them. They were not involved in creating this shutdown mess and should be left out of it.

Obviously, you are one of the most exceptionally capable and productive employees that the USCG has. If only they had more guys like you.

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This is a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

I’m looking at the news and they are bring back, unpaid, all these people to try and fool the public into thinking nothing is going on. The TSA and the air traffic controllers aren’t going to take this much longer and I sure would hesitate to fly at this time.

No, its more like give the US a border and become and act like sovereign state instead of committing collective suicide as the Eurotrash morons are doing,


Oh yes its such a nightmare, brought to you by the Congressional CPUSA also known as Demon-rats and their Chamber of Commerce we want illegal cheap labor RINO buddies.

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The New York Times reports… brought to you by the slimes who hid the holocaust starvation genocide of the Ukrainian people estimated up to 10+ million perpetrated by their favorite communist - Uncle Joe Stalin, you know the other holocaust we are not allowed to speak of, but I digress.

And waterman called my post trollish and political. Interesting.

Res ipsa loquitur.