More Pay Cutbacks

I was told yesterday by a Harvey Gulf tug that they recently took a 10% cut. I know of Crosby’s paycut, anyone hearing of any others cutting pay yet? Think we will ever get it back?

All the more reason you should write you Congress, the USCG and Dept of Labor to get the foreign mariners out of the GoM! American mariners starving for work and foreigners staying fat on the hog!

Anyone here hungry? Go to my thread I just posted titled “more on the foreign mariner situation in the GoM

I heard today that Harvey Gulf told their employees that they would be cutting pay 10% but recently sent a letter to all hands apologizing for unnecessarily alarming everyone stating that they will not be cutting pay.

I also heard that North Bank is (buying, leasing… acquiring?) much of Crosby’s offshore fleet for international work. Can anyone confirm this rumor? This may be a short term solution to the wage issues in the gulf…

Gulf Coast Crew Boats paycuts - 15% captains
- 10% deckhands

Effective 1 Apr 09

guilbeau{noonie}marine included a letter in payroll envelopes that stated that they regrettably have to make 25% pay cuts across the board.
{probably only the boat board}

the letter stated such reasons including, caterpillar had to lay off 11000 employees worldwide and that due to the slowdown and the [B][I]fact[/I][/B] that oil supply is greater than the demand, they had to make this decision.

the letter was ambiguous on the start date but it was dated the 27 march 2009.

anymore reports of pay cuts and % will be appreciated.

Kevin Gros Consulting & Marine Services, Inc 15 % pay cut and cut

Overheard at the dock about a week ago…Laborde- 10% cut across the board.

Laborde, out of Morgan City? right?

Yep, same one. I have not personally confirmed this.

lets see if I got this right…you pull my pay back to 85%…I pull my ability/productivity back to 85%…real good strategy for a work enviroment…of course according to management “boat hands are lazy and don’t do anything anyway”…you “oil patch crews” will have threaten management with going union again in order to get the wages back up…it’s like wiping your ass with a wagonwheel…there is no end to it!

I just heard from the family of a long time Seacor Captain that they are changing crew rotation from 14/7 to 14/14 in an effort to keep more bodies employed. That’s a 33% haircut. Can anyone else confirm this?