HGIM Pay Cuts

Anyone else hear this? - 200/day is what I hear.

If this is true are you guys going to just “eat Shane’s shit sandwich?”

I had to beat c.captain to it.

[QUOTE=z-drive;145704]If this is true are you guys going to just “eat Shane’s shit sandwich?”

I had to beat c.captain to it.[/QUOTE]

They can’t do that. That’s a violation of their CBA.

The union will never allow it!

Well, if true y’all can eat my shorts the next time I lambast Joe Boss Guidry and all the rest of the Bayoo Mafia families!

Jealousy issues?

[QUOTE=Number360;145709]Jealousy issues?[/QUOTE]

Is that considered child pornography?

[QUOTE=Number360;145722]Is that considered child pornography?[/QUOTE]

why do you ask? does the cartoon image of a boy’s bare butt stir you?

It’s about time somebody cuts pay. We just make to much fucking money. Or do we???

You are the one who has it on file or maybe we should call it your pedi file.

All I heard about Harvey is they sent out an email to the fleet that they were suspending their $25 raise scheme until further notice. If they cut $200 they would have trouble keeping it together. I call bullshit. Poor guys will just have to be happy around $950 I guess.

Last quarter raise was not given and travel was cut in half.

I had a $5 dollar bet fully paid travel wouldn’t last through 2014…

Can confirm as well. No talks of having to take a paycut. Can’t imagine many people wanting to stay around if that large of a pay cut happened.

Can confirm this as well. No cuts in pay, can’t imagine people sticking around long if they cut it that much.

Tell him to pay up!!

If they cut pay would that many people have somewhere to go? Would they all quit and leave (don't know how it works there) potential unvested 401k etc on the table? Doubt it, well the smart ones. there aren't that many open jobs are there?

The very experienced chief engineers and the guys with DPO tickets and large osv licenses will get picked up, but right at the moment anyone else would be hard pressed I think.

With all the money these companies are making, I find it really hard to believe door to door travel is not possible. It amazes me the excuse they use… Especially HOS with their training.

So, as c.captain says they will "eat the shit sandwich."