Veteran ships of the world

While she was named Jacques Del Mar II the Owner/Master liked his Pink Champagne so much that when the Doctor told him to limit his intake to one glass per day, he got hold of the biggest Champagne glass in existence. (Said to have been specially made in France).

MS Lofoten left Ålesund this afternoon, after 9 months in layup here, heading to her new “home” in Kristiansand:

The Captain:Eivind Lande has been captain of the boat for the past six years, but his relationship with the ship goes far back in time.
I had a job as a tour guide here in the 80s and 90s. Then I came back in 2007, and have been on the ship since then, says Eivind Lande. Here in front of the proud ship while it was still at the quay in Ålesund on Tuesday. PHOTO: NILS HARALD ÅNSTAD

The sight seeing boat MV Slogen (ex Landego) at her home port of Sæbø in Hjørundfjorden:

The sharp peak in the background is the mountain Slogen for which she is named.

Veteran car ferry “Bilfergen” is 100 years old this year. She is still afloat and being well maintained by a group of enthusiasts, many with a background for the ferry trade on the Norwegian fjords and islands:

From this website: (Google Translated)

Own pictures:

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Bilfergen is in the news today, but it’s not good news. The people that is maintaining the ferry is getting old and need new blood to join them.

From today:

Veteran sailing vessel ‘WILLIAMS II’ departing the outer harbour at Whitby on the North Yorks Coast heading out into the North Sea for the Port of Blyth.
Photo: Alastair Smith Port Mulgrave ©

Inland canal barges had Bolinder semi-diesel engines in Britain and Ireland according to my dad who worked on them as a ten year old boy in 1930 when not at school.

Enjoy the sound of a semidiesel . This one a Union 2 Cyl. 100 Hp from 1954 installed in the veteran vessel Tampen 1 blt. 1902:

More music to the ears of old Engineers:


The tug OCEAAN II arrived in IJmuiden with the former “haringlogger”,
NOORDSTER SCH.236 with destination the Slip at Van Laar at the Haringhaven. Photo : Jan Plug ©

Photo : Hans Bakker

Bremerhaven Maritime week was held from 11 to 15 August 2021. Photo : A. Jabs ©

Are there any older veteran ship/boat around than that??:

“The lucky ship” D/S Hestmanden:

She is on a tour of the Norwegian coast, incl. her old home port:

Statsraad Lemhkuhl completed her summer cruise with NRK along the Norwegian coast in Arendal on 15. Aug.
She left Arendal 20. Aug. on her World Around Cruise:

Seen here in the North Sea on an earlier crossing:

She is now in the English Channel on the way to La Corona:

You can follow her here:

On Thursday, 26 of august, the Sail Training Vessel ’SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND’ had been towed from Bremen Vegesack to Bremerhaven by the the BOLUDA tugs VB BLEXEN and VB BLUMENTHAL. The 25 nm journey attracted many spectators ashore and on accompanying vessels, although the tow started at 06:00 am. For the last 25 years the ’SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND’ had been moored in Vegesack and served as Museum Vessel, were she was maintained in a remarkable top condition. Her maritime history goes back for over 90 years. The training ship once crossed the oceans as a proud square rigger, a so called Windjammer.
In 1927, the ’SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND’ was built specifically to train seafarers on board. It was launched at the Tecklenborg shipyard in Geestemünde in order to undertake numerous training trips overseas and on the North and Baltic Seas until 1939. With the Second World War, these trips were only possible to a limited extent, so that the vessel was relocated to the Baltic Sea and was used briefly as a hospital ship. Afterwards it was used as a residential ship, youth hostel, stationary seaman’s school and training workshop.
There are 3 sister ships:
• Dar Pomorza (originally Prinzess Eitel Friedrich)
• Duchesse Anne (originally Großherzogin Elisabeth)
• Statsraad Lehmkuhl (originally Großherzog Friedrich August)
The Dar Pomorza and the Statsrad Lehmkuhl are still actively sailing the oceans.The ’SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND’ close to her final position in Bremerhaven (Neuer Hafen), where she will continue to serve as a museum vessel with overnight stay facilities and celebration services.

Photo’s / text Stephan Kramer | Rood Boven Groen

The CASTOR was present last weekend at the Breskens Zeilweekend event
Photo : Ronald Ribbe – ©

D/S Hestmanden is on her way to Ålesund, with ETA at 1300 hrs. tomorrow:


Her WWII history:

She arrived in Ålesund today:

The first Norwegian steel seal catcher M/V Polarstar, blt. UK 1948 as Polarfart:

As she was used for expeditions in Arctic waters between sealing seasons in the Gulf of St. Lawrence it was found that the name was not “appropriate” and therefore changed to Polarstar

Seen here stuck in ice off Newfoundland
And in the Davis Strait:

At one time she had a helideck installed for an Antarctic expedition:

She has now been restored and used for expeditions around Svalbard and other Arctic destinations.:

Seen here when returning from a lengthy restauration in Poland to her base at the Polar Museum in Brandal in 2017:

PS> Brandal was also here home base as a seal catcher.

Moored at the mole in Hareid between seasons:

Update: Found this picture of Polarfart during sea trials on the Firth of Clyde 1948:

Between seasons she had all kinds of assignment and cargoes. Here loaded with dynamite in Venezuela:

But mostly with reefer cargo around the North Sea and the Baltic, if she was not on expeditions in the Arctic.
Here after a bit of a blow in Greenland Sea, 2006:

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The seal catcher Jopeter survived a year alone in the ice off East Greenland after being abandoned by her crew and passengers in 1955:

Here is the story (in Norwegian, but translate well with Google Translator)
PS> Unfortunately the detailed account by one of the Danish passengers does not translate as it is phot copies of original account. (Anybody know a way to do so??)

Here is Jopeter on arrival Ålesund 1956:

PS> I was among the crowd on the wharf to welcome her.