Car Carrier 'Baltic Breeze' destruction of turbo charger - Report

Maybe interesting for engineers:

The German Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation published a report of an incident on board the Singapore flagged Car Carrier ‘Baltic Breeze’ on October 14, 2018; resulting in the vessel’s constructive total loss.

Destruction of the main engine’s turbocharger with subsequent fire in the engine room.


Kudos to the crew for their quick actions to extinguish the fire and prevent greater damage.

Obviously not knowing the full extent of the damage to the engine room I was still surprised the ship was deemed a total constructive loss. A quick search found that turbochargers of that make and model can be had…I guess I am too use to keeping old stuff running. Then again the Baltic Breeze being built in 1983 was getting a little long in the tooth.

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I cannot comment on techniques, I never worked in an engine room.

The ship was built in 1983.
The turbocharger was manufactured by Mitsubishi in 2007 (page 15 of the report).

Especially considering the engine itself and auxiliaries were intact enough to start back up and propel her slowly in to port. But being 37yrs old you’re right, it’s a numbers game at that point and the book value of the vessel was maybe less than the repair cost of fire damage to electrical wiring, the overhead gantry, areas of possible metal fatigue, a new turbo, and smoke and water damage.

An interesting read though. They don’t mention when the next turbo service interval was but that it had just over 12k hrs since the last. Most turbos I’ve seen have a maintenance due around 12k hrs.

Being 37 years old I had to re-read the particulars to make sure she wasn’t US Flag.