Veteran ships of the world

The world’s first diesel driven cargo ship, the M/V Selandia belonging to Danish East Asiatic Company. (EAC)
Built at B&W Yard in Copenhagen in 1913, she grounded and broke in two in Japan in 1942:

GT from this website in Danish:

The barque Kobenhavn had a diesel auxiliary engine in 1921. She was lost with all hands in 1928.

There were an even earlier one with diesel engines, the Jutlandia, built 1912:

She was replace by a newbuilt Jutlandia in 1934 that lasted withe EAC until 1965:
Sometime in the 1960s a new “unsinkable” buoy, divided into 13 separate watertight sections was placed on a shoal at Eastern Anchorage in Singapore.

Within months the Jutlandia arrived on her final trip to Babgkok and hit it, cut it in two parts, which both sunk.

The first ocean going cargo ship … the first diesel driven ship was the Vandal. A Russian diesel-electric tanker.

The Vandal followed the smaller Petit Pierre river barge in the same year, 1903.

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The Goya, built in Germany in 1938 and taken over by the British in 1945.
Given to Norway as war indemnity in 1946. Converted to a migrant ship in 1949. Carried migrants from Europe to New Zealand, but re-converted to a cargo ship in 1952. She sailed in the South Amerika Line until 1961.
Finally broken up in 1969. Seen here as migrant ship:
Many of today’s Kiwis can probably trace their ancestor’s arrival in NZ to this ship. (??)

Not me. The passage by my forebears was made by ships and a barque and the only fossil fuel that was used was in the galley stove.

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