Bibby Stockholm history

Hello friends. I am writing about the Bibby Stockholm for the FT. I have heard that she has a chequered past. I wonder if anyone knows any stories I could follow up? It’s all in a good cause - I am studying the efficacy and mechanisms of UK refugee and asylum policies from a maritime standpoint. Many thanks indeed, and all best, Horatio dot clare at gmail dot com for direct messages - ta!

Her checkered present:

Thank you! Love the Packet, too. Did you see them identifying - accurately, one suspects - ‘unmarked police van’? Local journalism is the foundation of all journalism, and often its highest calling…

Maybe you got this barge Bibby Stockholm confused with the MS Stockholm of Andrea Doria fame?:

She had a long life, full of controversies and finally went to the breakers this year;

Nope, Bibby Stockolm definitely.
Apparently suitable as a German refugee ship previously and obviously suitable for North Sea rig workers prior to that but not good enough for those used to living in 4 star hotels.
Apparently, the alleyways are too narrow and a ‘death trap’.
The ‘alleyways’ look a fuck sight wider than the ones on my ship.
Anyway, going to Portland next month, it will be interesting to see it.
They have a gym and a TV lounge.
We don’t.
Should be loads of room as lots of the cruise ships are cancelling because of the barge.