The "Peking" is saved!

The German federal government yesterday allocated 120 million euros to build a maritime museum and bring the famous flying P-liner the “Peking” to Hamburg via transport ship. The Peking is an important part of maritime history, being one of the last Cape Horners in commercial trade, and one of the largest sailing ships ever built. It has been mouldering at New York’s South Street Seaport museum for many years, and the museum, not having the funds to restore her, was desperate to give the Peking away. Three years ago, an attempt was made to bring her to Hamburg, and two shipyards offered to restore her for free but the funds simply weren’t there for the transport. (3100 long tons, 320 ft. L.O.D.) A very happy ending!

Glad to hear it. Losing that history world have been a shame.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;173433]Glad to hear it. Losing that history world have been a shame.[/QUOTE]

South Street Seaport should be thoroughly ashamed of itself. It’s non profit status should be yanked.

It’s good to see the Germans stepping up on this.

Plenty of Dockships that can accommodate this one without a problem, many of them German owned.