THE MSC FABIOLA - Incident in the Suez

Ok, are there any forum members that were aboard the MSC Fabiola last month 4/29/2016 - With the Southbound Convoy When it went aground in the Suez? and can provide any info on what exactly happened? In the media, it is saying 2 bad injection pumps and loss of steering.

Also are there any forum members that have any in-site about the ship now at Dalian Shipyard in China. Besides the survey what else is going on?

Any supportive conclusive info / knowledge is appreciated.


I’m gonna go ahead and state the obvious. This is a foreign flag ship, with guys that speak enough English to kinda make a passing agreement. There won’t be any of them on this forum…

I do understand, just thought I would give it a try. Thanks flyboy14295. Hope you have a good one today.