Does anyone know whats going on with the O’le ATB Teresa. I know it was owned by UNICO then reflaged, moved around a little then re flagged again and has been anchored in Colon Panama Canal forever now. After the first reflag my guess it was heading to the ship breakers in India.

UNICO sold it last year to Panamanian company and it’s being operated by a Turkish company while It’s on it’s third post-USA flag.

It’s been renamed the ANNA and records do not show any current known classification society.

Don’t know what it’s future holds but if you see it in a port near you I suggest going the other direction.

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Oh lord thats for sure. Its probally still sitting there, Becuase no one knows how to start it. Poor UNICO got screwed when they leased those Bouchard tugs. After the sale Centerline and Rose Cay said sorry there our boats now and pulled the leases. I worked for UNICO and they really had a positive outlook on starting a Tug Barge company and wonderful to work for, They got us everything we needed. And the HR department and Benifits were great. Thats was going to be my retirement company.


I almost took a position with them.

Glad I didn’t. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Thats a let down for sure.

Yep luckily there were still jobs out there, So i didnt stay home long.

That was JMB taking the three units back and bareboating them to Centerline. Not Rose Cay.

Ok Thanks