Vessel delivery

Any Offshore/Oceans Towing Masters interested in a tug and barge delivery PM for more info.

Is this the trip to South America?

I got a facebook message about a tug and barge delivery to Venezuela the other day. Count me out! That Kirby ATB waltzed down there never to be heard from again!

What Kirby ATB supposedly “disappeared” in Venezuela? When?

I’m a few cocktails deep but I think it might have been the Cara Sea, don’t quote me on it though. Couldn’t tell you the name of the barge. The Portland, maybe? That’s a total shot in the dark.

Never heard this one, do elaborate tomorrow.

Roger doger, gunna have to do some research when sober.


Just found it, the Kara Sea and the Spring Creek

I would like to know more about the missing Kirby boat as well. More Venezuelan hi-jinx?

Maria Brusco just sold to some folks from Venezuela should be heading there soon

According to Tugboat Information, the Kara Sea and its single skin barge was sold foreign in 2011 because it does not meet OPA 1990 requirements, and then resold in 2013 to owners in Cartagena. Maybe Kirby decided to cut its loses on that boat, rather than try to bring it back from the K-Sea junk pile. Its now Panamanian flag. What’s so bad about that?

The biggest concern that I would have about the current tug and barge delivery job to Venezuela would be actually getting paid.

That might be venezuela’s version of the story but that’s not how the crew who lived through it would tell it. For those who were there the vessel was seized by the venezuelan government and the state department didn’t have the cohones to stand up to Hugo so they got to keep the boat and the crew were sent home like a bunch of exchanged prisoners

A guy i worked with at Reinauer had rode that tug all over the world, Pakistan, S.America. She was one of the first jak conversion, he said it wasnt right from the start and they got stuck doing repairs in some far off shipyard.