Hey just wondering if there is anyone working for Crowley or has in the past. I’m getting sick of where I’m at now and really thinking of going to work for them on tugs. Let me know the good and the bads if you got any.<br><br>See ya out there!!

My first tanker, the M/V Patriot, was sold along with out parent company, Marine Transport Lines, to Crowley and while I left prior to that happening I heard nothing but good things from the guys who stayed.

I know a 1600 ton mate and a QMED working on Crowley tugs in the GOM, both are satisfied with Crowley and being in SIU.

<P>Great, I’m glad to hear people enjoy it there. Thanks for the info. It seems like a company that has a lot of options with both tugs and ships. </P>

I sailed with Crowley back in the early 80’s. It is quite a different company these days. Back then they didn’t have any ships, only tugs. I worked on the Lake Charles (now gone) to San Juan run most of the time, and was based out of Lake Charles. We would get the odd ship towing job and also ran some oil barges around the Gulf. I also scabbed the strike that they had on the West Coast back in 88 (for a month). I did find the conditions on the West Coast to be quite different (better) than their operations in the Gulf. What I can say is that if you work on the tugs, it is a steep learning curve, low pay (relatively that is) and harder work than any other vessel you will sail on, especially for engineers. That said, I learned my chops over there and was never out of a sailing job after I left, and was in demand up until I came ashore. They did used to play games with my paycheck, though.