The death of Harley Marine and birth of Centerline Logistics Corporation

It’s official, as of 12:00 today EST Harley Marine is no more and is now Centerline Marine Logistics. With what looks like an add for the Lion King on Broadway, their new logo has been presented. I guess this means no more different divisions of the company as far as regions and that they are all one now…:man_shrugging:t2:

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Looks more like the lion from the mgmgrand in las vegas.

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Congrats to crews, office staff, and the owner, Macquarie.

If it’s all just one big happy company, how can that be possible with boats crewed by different unions, and boats crewed with no union.

Good question, ask Kirby.


Not sure if it is still that way, but Crowley had a lot of different unions.

I think that Crowley is most likely composed of many different companies.

As I recall, the unions of the Crowley tugs were:

Western Alaska Fuel: Local 5000 of the United Steelworkers

Pacific Northwest and Alaska: MMP/IBU at times, or “Management”/IBU at other times

Gulf and East Coast: SIU

California: maybe vertical MMP or MMP/IBU

Sometimes West Coast tugs would work in Alaska or the East Coast. Sometimes East Coast tugs would work in the West.

I hear that the Crowley ships are mostly AMO, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other ships have other unions.

I believe that Crowley is now mostly a ship management company that operates ships owned by many other companies, both US and foreign flag.

In addition to what you’ve listed the Hapag-Lloyd ships they manage are MM&P/MEBA/SIU. Their Marine Transport Lines ( Government RRF) ships are MEBA/SIU (Don’t believe they are MM&P).

The West cause harbor boats are SIU.

Also, the ATBs are split, half are SIU and half are MMP/IBU.

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I guess I’m way out of date.

Crowley Petroleum Services- 550 class ATB’s, MMP/IBU, 650 class ATB’s SIU top to bottom, 750 Class ATB’s SIU top to bottom, Tanker ships AMO officers SIU unlicensed.

The Government services division for RRF are MEBA/MMP

Contract Services, SIU top to bottom

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Only the San Pedro and San Diego boats are SIU. SF and Puget Sound are MMP/IBU. When the Valdez and offshore towing fleets were around, they were MMP/IBU as well.

The 550’s and Gulf Reliance/650-2 are MMP/IBU. All other 650’s and the 750’s are SIU top to bottom.

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Yes, I just realized an hour ago that I don’t think San Francisco was SIU.

Yeah, I just forgot about Puget Sound completely.


I guess as far as tugs go, Pacific Northwest (and San Francisco) is MMP/IBU and everything South of there is SIU. Then the ATBs are there own thing.

Foss long beach is MEBA/IBU and Millennium/westoil(Harley)-tankerman,engineers and barge deckhands are IBU

Good for them. We were talking Crowley tug unions.

Oh ok thanks. Maybe next time talk Crowley on a thread that is about Crowley.

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Now that we have Crowley’s unions figured out, let’s get back to Centerline Logistics.

I hear:

No union in the PNW and Alaska,

California is union, or only partly union?

No union in the Gulf,

SIU in NY, except for C F CAMPBELL (which came from Seattle) and the newer ATB BARRY SILVERTON (which must have been in a different division).

Is Milleneum/Westoil. Non-union “management” in the wheelhouse, but IBU for the rest?


Except the dutch harbor boats (pacific coast maritime) are IBU, excluding the captains who are management, of course.