The death of Harley Marine and birth of Centerline Logistics Corporation

Did the Harley wheelhouse guys make a choice to be non-union “management” because it’s a better deal for them, or did the unions and NLRB screw them because they are supposedly “management”?

As far as I know, the GYRAFALCON (a nice tractor tug docking ships, and towing a small barge carrying containers of frozen fish between the Trident fish plant in nearby Akutan and Dutch Harbor) is the only Harley boat in Dutch.

A lot of the management guys that i know there would rather be union, soley because they would regularly get raises if they were. There has been no yearly cost of living bump at the non union harley companies in a few years and just recently some folks have been getting some.

They added the millennium falcon to dutch harbor (pacific coast maritime) a few years ago, so there are two marco 105s there.

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Centerline Logistics is advertising for Mate/Tankermen in Seattle.

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