United Steelworkers and Crowley

Hello everyone,
Does anybody have any advice or knowledge of Crowley’s Western Alaska fuel delivery operations and the United Steelworkers union ? I’m trying to get some background information before I call the Crowley recruiter and make a commitment for 6 months. Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance , Hawsepipe:)

Yup I was on this fleet for two years. The union SUCKS ASS at best! They have a po box for a hall if that gives you a better idea . What endorsements do you have?

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hey Biack93 Fox , MOTV N/C , AB special, lifeboat, DDE Unlimited and Chief OSV.

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What position are you applying for on the WAK fleet? I started out there as a OS an then became a OS Pic Tankerman on my second season. It’s a decent job but a lot of bullshit an the fleet has a nickname of cowboy fleet an mosquito fleet. Cowboy because it’s kinda on the edge things are done “old fashion” way an mosquito because there is MASSIVE amounts of Mosquitos an they loooooove fuel!

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I will probably apply for either a mate or engineer position , whichever pays more. My questions are 1) how is the pay? 2) is there ATO ? 3) Health benefits, are they comparable to the IBU’s and finally is this a foot in the door to other things at Crowley ? I have been dredging for over ten years. In that time we went from cowboy to ISO compliant. Some day’s I miss the cowboy. Thanks everyone for any information you can relay to me on the working conditions that will allow me to make an informed decision.

Engineers make more then mates an even sometimes captains because they start early an end later on the season. Engineers can make roughly around 80k I’d say. I don’t have the pay chart with me it’s at home but it’s close to that. There is no ato you work all season then once your off you draw unemployment. Health benefits are decent I never really used them so I cant say much. In some cases this is a stepping stone job but in most it’s not. They tend to try an lock people into this fleet an not let them transfer to other places in the company. This was the biggest reason I quit last year. Crowley is a good company this particular fleet is kinda there red headed step child so things are a little different from the rest of the company.

I havent worked for crowley, but worked western alaska for years. Its fun but being stuck on the boat for 6 months or so would get old fast

Agreed first year was cool got to see places never have before. Second season not so much but season does kinda go fast.

And your right on the not a stepping stone thing. Got offered this same gig with foss and crowley last yr. They told me if you kickass you might get called back the next season. But no promise or word about full time after that.

Comes down to it if you need work it’s honestly not a horrible gig. Depending where they put you inland or costal you’ll see some crazy tug operating skills on the inland boats. Most of the guys are really cool an chill just there to make money an go home safe like the rest or us.

Again, thanks everyone put my application in yesterday. Also put an application with Delta Western same owners as Foss.

Sweet deal keep us posted if you get it. Btw delta western pays more then Crowley…

Im taking a spot with delta, msg me if you want to know more

ab’s make 300 a day, ab tankerman about 330, 2nd Mates around 360, chief mate is around 90,000 a year I think, captain is about 110,000, and C/E are in between captain and chief mate. But C/E also end up working during the winter too. As for a foot in the door at Crowley I talked to some people that tried to switch divisions and they said that it would be easier to quit and try to get hired again with another division. If you don’t mind being gone all summer long it is a good place to work and you see some cool stuff.