United Steelworkers and Crowley

These figures on pay are off by a lot. You are correct about transferring out of this fleet it pretty much doesn’t happen one of the biggest reasons I left last year.

At the end of the day, its an experience you’ll be glad you had, Alaska and especially Western Alaska is the last of the wild frontier. I don’t regret any of my time up there, and actually I miss it, from what I have heard from other companies HR people, it seems to be a good thing on your resume as well. But go into it with realistic expectations, your gonna see some really cool shit, but you are going to be isolated, if you smoke and run out of cigs (or anything else for that mater) your screwed six ways from Sunday. And, this is the big thing for a lot of guys, there is no tv, no internet and for about 90% of the time no phone. So your family/girlfriend/whatever wont hear from you and you from them very often, have seen a lot of guys that cant handle that.

These are the rates they told me last year, straight off the contract, for Foss. Crowley was with in 10$ a day or so of them.

CE - 286.66 ato 286.66
AB/Tank - 211.81 ato -211.81
deckhand/cook 176.99 ato 176.99

dont know about capts or mates

Those are the numbers from this past year. I do not have the pay chart but I know I was making 330 a day as an ab tankerman around 30 more a day as 2nd mate. And with Crowley in western AK there are no cooks. The ab’s do the cooking. The numbers might be different for some of the guys on the inland contract for the river boats.

Im just copying off the ibu contract i got emailed to me from the hall brother

Western Alaska fleet is with united steelworkers union not IBU. There is no ato on wak fleet work threw the summer then draw unenjoyment threw the winter.

There are cooks on the river boats, well one unless he quit. There use to be two until last year one on tug Tanana an one on tug Rampart both are out of Nenana. Which boat were you on?

i was on the siku. i think they are getting rid of the tanana. not sure about the rampart as far as cooks go.

Nice! Yea they were suppose to get rid of her last year kinda did random trips with it threw the season. Boat has had a hard life has no more left in her.

Thanks everyone, haven’t had any feedback on the applications yet. I hope to here from someone soon, I’ll let you all know if I receive an offer.

Ya there is nothing going on right now. All the boats are put away for the winter. Doesn’t pick up again until the spring when the ice starts to melt.

Mid April is when delta and Vitus are starting up, imagine Foss and Crowley will be about the same.

Thanks chgonyer ,I didn’t know about vitus i will keep an eye on their web site. If you can think of any other companies I might not know of it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I know brice works up there with a atb.

Also northland has a couple of big landing crafts, as well as Alaska logistics.

well then I stand corrected

[QUOTE=hawsepipe;63023]Thanks chgonyer ,I didn’t know about vitus i will keep an eye on their web site. If you can think of any other companies I might not know of it would be appreciated. :)[/QUOTE]
Vitus is a new outfit. They built two small, very small ATB’s last year. I saw them in the yard and they were pretty damn nice. My buddy worked for them last year as a mate, very nice equipment but compared to say delta western or crowley or foss the pay was very low. he made 320 a day and if he finished the season got a 80 dollar a day bonus, so about 400 a day for a mate. but he said if you left for any reason and didnt finish the season, no bonus.