Tankerman PIC

What are some good unionized seagoing companies I can apply for as a Tankerman PIC. I work on the inland side and I am totally new to this. Also what union would be great for me to join. I am currently living in Kenner, Louisiana

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Crowley ATBs, Harley. Non union- Moran, Reinauer.

If you have an AB w/stcw to go along with your tankerman you will certainly be more marketable…and If you don’t mind long hitches and/or going to alaska you should definately hit up crowley or any of the harley companies. Kirby too.
Most of the union tug companies can hire you directly then you join within a certain time frame.
SIU, IBU and MMP all have various contracts with some of the top tier tug companies moving oil. I wouldn’t limit yourself to only union companies.

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Reinauer is union.

And so is Moran in at least their Texas port

I believe they decertified a couple of years ago.

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Ah didn’t know that. What union?

Reinauer is MMP