Tankerman PIC needing guidance

How’s it going boss. I’m working on getting my AB, lifeboatman, and stcw. I currently hold a Tankerman pic but apparently that’s not enough to work offshore. I was wondering is are the credentials I’m working on getting is enough to get my foot in the door, or would I need more? Also, if you don’t mind, what are some companies I can apply for that deals with oil, or where I can use my Tankerman pic endorsement??

Have you checked in to working as a shore tankerman? www.tankermanjobs.com

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I have but to be honest, I’m not interested in shoreside. I’m more into in working on ATB’s or on tanker ships

You want to work on a tanker as AB? Plenty of AB tanker jobs out there via the SIU.

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Thank you. But is it similar to being a Tankerman like both inland and shoreside???

Probably not. You’re part of the transfer but the Officer is the one in charge.

Ok. Thank you. I just want to be able to utilize my Tankerman PIC endorsement in other places other than inland and shoreside. That’s why I’m currently working on getting my AB, lifeboatman, and basic training (STCW). I tried joining SIU but they wouldn’t let me without the proper credentials.

Get all of your paperwork taken care of and then go back and try the SIU again, if you’re looking for deep sea shipping.

When you get all your ducks in a row, go down to the Houston hall and tell them you want to be a tankerman on ATBs. That should help you get in with a company like Crowley or Keystone.

Thank you very much. I will definitely do that.