Does anyone know if Edison Chuest have Tankerman PIC position?

A vast, vast majority (possibly all) of their vessels don’t require a PIC so for the most part, no.

Why would you want work the oilfield with a PIC?

I work inland. As for as offshore goes, I don’t really know much. I’m just trying to move up the later but also use my PIC while I have. I just got my AB limited. I’ve applied with Reinauer, Bouchard, Vane Bro’s, Crowley, and currently waiting on Kirby to open up a Tankerman PIC position so that I can apply as well to get on ATB’s. What advice can you give me since you asked me that?

Is a PIC not good enough in the oilfield??

I dont know about Crowley, maybe Vane, maybe even what used to be “Harley”. I doubt Bouchard is taking anyone and Reinauer probably has 300 applications sitting on her desk right now. You’ve got your ab which is a plus, sort of a minimum anymore. Take this advice but I’ve encountered this with guys from the inland barges, if you get on a big atb doing 2-4 grades, multi point discharges, loading by temp / gross / net, dont lie about your experience because they will sniff you out quick and it might not be good. It’s kind of a rough time in the industry, take whatever you can get and roll with it.

Wow lol. Thank you my brother. This definitely humbled me down. Because I sure as hell made a few adjustments on my applications as far as my experience goes in order to get my foot in the door. After reading this, I definitely don’t mind starting at bottom. You gotta crawl before you walk after all.

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I edited that a bit because I didnt want to seem like an asshole. Just be decent, if you have questions ask the guys your working with, most are pretty decent I’ve found, never assume anything. It’s not a bad gig, alot depends where you are - East/ West, barges are diff, gear is diff, some of the ways they do stuff is completely diff.

I think they have some tankermen pics on the valdez contract, but otherwise no. They aren’t in the business of loading/discharging red flag barges.

No boats in the oilfield carry petroleum cargo so they’re no need for people with PIC.

Do you have STCW: BT, RFPNW, and Able Seafarer - Deck?

The only credentials I have as of now are: AB limited, life boatman, STCW, and Tankerman PIC (barge). What are other credentials that can be helpful for me?

Thank you Boss.

Rating forming part of a nav watch (rfpnw), able seafarer-deck, vpsd…missing a letter somewhere with this acronym, but i am referring to the vessel personnel with security duties endorsement ( security awareness)

Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties.

Also, VPDSD and Security Awareness are separate ratings.

STCW isn’t a credential. That’s like saying that you have the credential “USCG”.

There are two types of credentials:

  1. US domestic - like AB, Tankerman PIC, etc
  2. STCW (international) - Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch, Able Seafarer - Deck, etc.

You cannot work on boats that fall under STCW without the equivalent STCW endorsement to match your US domestic credentials and basically every ATB falls under STCW.

Thanks again boss. This info is definitely helpful

So do the supply boats that refuel the drilling fleet (except Great Expectations I assume) get around needing a PIC by giving fuel only from what they’ve designated as Storage tanks rather than Cargo?

I think that’s exactly it but I’m not 100% sure.

Thank you guys. I really appreciate your time and information. It is well needed.