Where to begin getting my PIC

To All,

Does anyone know where the best place to start getting my PIC might be? I already have my Tankerman Assistant but want to get my PIC to make myself more marketable. I spoke with someone yesterday about a job as a Mate on an ATB but was more or less shut down because I don’t have a PIC. If there are any options out there, could you let me know?

Thank you,

Mr. Shave

no mate on an ATB/ITB w/out PIC: AB or deckhand is your best bet. K-Sea. Penn. etc.

Some tanker companies will let you sail your first trip without it, so you can get it during that trip. I know my company will let you do that. By the way most tanker companies are now requiring all officers to have tankerman PIC. Previously on the engine side it was only the chief and 1rst A/E who needed to have it.