Swedish freighters 1960s

As a young man in the 1960s, I worked in the engine room of a Swedish Freighter, MS Lake Eyre, homeport Goteborg and trading between the U.S., Canada, and Australia. I am trying to reconstruct my recollections of the engine room of that ship or a comparable ship of that era. I believe the Lake Eyre was 8200 tons. My recollection is that she had a six-cylinder heavy oil main engine, and that each of the pistons was approximately 1 meter in diameter. Can anyone help with information about such engines? Here’s a link to a photo of MS Lake Eyre. https://www.alamy.com/english-ms-lake-eyre-at-sea-lake-eyre-was-a-swedish-reefer-ship-built-in-1961-circa-1968-date-qsp1968-00-00t000000z9p1480q5727902-svenska-dagbladet-via-ims-vintage-photos-unknown-photographer-image352435354.html


Vessel details (in Swedish):

Wreck of Samos Sun (ex Lake Eyre) in PoS:

Unknown = SAMOS SUN

  • yvon
  • Jul 1, 2008
    Photo taken at Port of Spain, 13 Oct 1992.
    Thanks to Waz (Wazim) for solving the puzzle.
    SAMOS SUN / GRC / 1961 - Goteborg / 6651 grt / IMO 5202536 / 149,05 x 18,98 m / 10000 hp / 18,5 kn
    Launched as LAKE EYRE (Swe), 1975 - SAMOS SUN (Grc), 04 Jul 1983 - Fire Port of Spain and beached 2nm offshore (Cf Miramar)