Harland & Wolff Marine Engines - Pounder

Does anyone remember or have any experience with the 2 Stroke, Double Acting, Opposed Piston Engine built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. Pounder was the chief design engineer for H&W in the 40s and 50s. He built the H&W engines under licence from B&W, Copenhagen. There is one of these engines still remaining and it is in the Power House in Copenhagen. For those interested it can be found on YouTube. My first two trips at sea were on vessels with these engines. I don’t want to take up too much space describing them but if anyone has an interesting story about them I would be interested to hear it. These engines had chain driven scavenge blowers of the Roots type. The chains were duplex and about 6 inch pitch. On arrival in the port of Savannah, Georgia the chain on the port engine broke. I was Junior Engineer on watch at the time and during manoeuvring I was responsible for keeping the air receivers topped up, maintaining the jacket cooling water, piston cooling oil and system oil temperatures at the recommended temperatures, on both engines. When the chain broke there was a hell of a clatter as it spilled into the crankcase. We had to anchor out for the night and fit the spare chain. We split into two teams and worked two hours on and two off. We completed this job at about 6 am. The pilot came on board at 7am and we limped in due to all oil splash pipes having been damaged when the chain broke. Enough about that. I would like to hear of any similar incidents.