Tow Boat Engineer

Do any engineers out there have experience with the big HP line haul Tow Boats ? From the information I have seen online, there is only one engineer onboard. Any input would be interesting.

Early in my career (this was many years ago) I did some time on a line haul Tow Boat on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. The one I was on was 7200 HP. The company had one that was 10,500 HP. It was a 2-man engine department comprised of an engineer and a striker (oiler). They stood 6 and 6.
The main engines on those boats as I recall were 20 cylinder, EMD 645’s.

Would you go back to that again? What I find appealing is that they have real cooks, you don’t have to pump mud or deal with a woke passenger company on the river. The down side is probably no other QMED or Oiler to help out.

Also the pay. Unless it’s come up A LOT, it’s nowhere near competitive

It was an enjoyable few months and I met some very good people. But to be honest I saw my future sailing deep sea. The boat I was on had a really good cook which was a plus. The workload was not difficult, but it didn’t take long for the 6 and 6 watch rotation to wear on you (nothing new there). The crew rotation back then was generally equal time. On the boat I was on that was typically 28/28. I will add that company is no longer around so I can’t speak what the pay is, or current conditions are.

Would I ever go back? Given how my career played out, it was never something I really ever considered. If someone spent their time on tugs or supply boats, it wouldn’t be a difficult transition.

Okay thanks, I will call the company and get the day rate & make the decision.