Ship Engines - 7 Monster Engine Designs, Part 1

What secrets do [B][I]ship engines[/I][/B] hold? Driving the world’s largest ships are powerplants that deliver serious horsepower. These modern ship engines vary in design and use but they all provide the brute force necessary to move monster ships… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

It’s a Wärtsilä 6L64: here more info

And I’m not even an engineer…

Actually the largest diesel engine so far is the MAN B&W 14 K98 MC, with an out put of 97,300 kW, or 130,480 hp.

[B]Another good one. speaking of BIG… heres one of the latest on cool things to come in our port…[/B]

Two 465-ton steam generators were discharged from the project cargo and heavy lift vessel Jumbo Spirit at the <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:PLACETYPE w:st=“on”>Port</ST1:PLACETYPE> of <ST1:PLACENAME w:st=“on”>Tampa</ST1:PLACENAME> last week and transported by rail to Progress Energy’s <ST1:PLACE w:st=“on”><ST1:PLACENAME w:st=“on”>Crystal</ST1:PLACENAME> <ST1:PLACENAME w:st=“on”>River</ST1:PLACENAME></ST1:PLACE> power plant. The generators were manufactured in <ST1:CITY w:st=“on”>Ontario</ST1:CITY>, <ST1:COUNTRY-REGION w:st=“on”>Canada</ST1:COUNTRY-REGION>, and loaded at the <ST1:PLACE w:st=“on”><ST1:PLACETYPE w:st=“on”>Port</ST1:PLACETYPE> of <ST1:PLACENAME w:st=“on”>Toronto</ST1:PLACENAME></ST1:PLACE>.

<V:p</V:p[B]a bite on nuclear - steam generators…[/B]

[B]the company that made them[/B]

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[quote=SeaBart;17217]It’s a Wärtsilä 6L64: here more info

And I’m not even an engineer…[/quote]

That’s obvious. Did you follow and read the link you posted?