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One more Dutch veteran ship, the KPMC interisland vessel MV Holland:

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Another Dutch built veteran who outlasted her time by a fair bit: Mariner, here arriving at her home base of Loyang. Scrapped only a couple of years ago in 2019. Built as Kaisa Dan at the IJsselwerf in NL for Danish company J. Lauritzen in 1962 - Ice strengthened for the Greenland trade.

Converted into a geotechnical drilling ship by Heerema in 1974; working for Fugro since the early 90ies. Was still fitted with here original Smit-Bolness 10 cylinder 2 stroke cross-head engine (reduced to about 1250hp in the warm waters she sailed in). Allegedly a great ship to work on, heard one of the captains worked on board from the conversion in '74 to her scrapping in 2019. I imagine the forward viz would take some getting used to!


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Yes the old Mariner was a regular at Loyang Base for many years.
I inspected her last in 2002 and can confirm that Capt. Henk G.Nieuvenhuis was the Master then. He had been the Master on her since the conversion in 1974.

Here she is as Kaisa Dan:

And as Mariner, seen at Loyang,

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I recall a number of vessels trading in the Pacific with a name ending in Dan. Nowadays vessels of this size and simplicity are hard to find and many small Island communities can’t afford more sophisticated tonnage.

That Miramar link don’t work unless you are paid up.
Here is the statistics:
Built 1951 by Amsterdam DD Amsterdam - yard No86 as HOLLAND.
Cargo -Netherlands.
1504 tons - 1284 Dwt.
L77.4m x B11.6m.
Single screw diesel - 10Kts.
Name Changes:
1966 Greyville.
73 Tropic Sands.
82 Jaya Wijaya 1.

66 Durban Lines Pty Ltd.
70 Palm Sg and Tdg Co Pty Ltd.
73 Southwind Sg Co Pte Ltd.
77 PT Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara.
82 PT Mahakam Maskapai Pelayaran Nusantara.
Broken up Surabaya 11.1985.

PS> I was Master on the first trip S’pore - Irian Barat (West Papua) in 1973. Handed over to the Bugis Ch.Mate in Samarinda. Was asked to take the sextant and chronometer with me, since Bugis don’t need such thing.
She didn’t have a radar.

Whaler Lyngøy pulling a mink whale onboard in her earlier life:

Now used as a whale safari boat stationed at Finnøy:

The harpoon gun is now for show and for guests to take selfies with.

Used to be an old - though not this old - Smit (Lloyd?) supplier mooring in Loyang quite often as well. Converted into a geotech drill vessel as ‘Technic Samudra’ for TL. According to the galley telegraph they had ‘cockroaches the size of mice, mice the size of rats and rats as big as small dogs’.

This one:
Yes she was a regular at Loyang Base.