What’s your favorite ship of all time?

What’s your favorite ship of all time?

Jon you know there are only two good ships in the whole world…the last one and the next one.

I was always partial to this one though.
T. W. Nelson


NS Savannah


Ditto on the Savannah. I toured her in Charleston when I was 8. One of my earliest memories of wonder. What pretty lines for a cargo ship. I would name the delta lines “starship enterprise” bridge ships as my second favorite. I know at least one still survives as the Del Monte and is painted grey with a red, white, and blue stack. It serves as an unpowered training ground for the Navy SEALs to practice storming a ship at sea. You see it periodically around Norfolk. Cool design.

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I forgot about that one cool for sure.

any C1-M-AV1

got to command two in my career


Jealous of you guys who got to really “captain” a ship. I sailed with an ancient Lykes Lines skipper for the better part of a decade and the sea stories he had from the 70’s were truly majestic. It was a lifestyle back then and those days sadly are not coming back until Elon Musk invents the time machine next year. It has been prophecized. I saw it in Benny Hinn :grimacing:


Got a picture?

ask and ye shall be rewarded


Always will have a very soft spot for the training ship - the Texas Clipper (the original). Beautiful WWII vintage ship with rivets and a square bow and everything.

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this looks like a ship to call home!

i meant the one c capt. posted damnit

I’ll dig through my archives but @c.captain picture is awesome. I would have thrived in that particular point in maritime history.

I have three - Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

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You can still see Del Monte in Little Creek. Always been a pretty ship and I always look for her when I’m in the area.

NS Savannah is hard to beat, of course.

As far as older ships go, I always considered the Henry B Hyde to be a fine, fine ship. I still love to look at her pictures.

My favorite of all time is still a warship though…
Don’t you just want to be aboard her when you look as this picture?

M/V Merlion. When she was Singapore flag she was painted red. I remember helping paint the name on her stern when she was renamed at Loyang dock. Below is one I found when she ended up getting impounded in Venezuala. Same ship different color.

Queen Anne’s Revenge