Vane Payscale For Mates

Anyone know what vane brothers is paying there mates now? I heard they received a raise.

Call & ask. If your qualified they’ll tell you the rates.

What if I’m qualified and they lowball me? I was hoping to hear from someone already working there.

Yeah or the big inflated numbers companies have been known to throw around until you get there and there are catches/conditions.

They have half the gowanus stacked with equipment, looks like a hobo tankerman trailer park right now. I would tread lightly and make sure the promises dont seem to good. Ive heard they are real big on the “Company Kool-Aid” and the diff in pay between boats working diff areas always turned me off.

Yea im not interested i working there. Just-like to keep tabs on wages at different companies in the north east. I agree the different region/pay is a huge red flag.