Vane Brothers towing

Could anyone give me an idea on what kind of company Vane Brothers is to work for? I am thinking of sending them a resume. Any insight good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks

I know a few guys that work for Vane in NY Harbor and the GOM and they all seem pretty happy… I hear the pay is a little low by NY standards though…

Low pay especially for oil barges but the guys who work there seem happy. Not always about the $. I’m assuming good crewchanges and other benefits.

Low pay, no travel pay, insurance is high for a family. Only plus it’s equal time.

That’s an easy answer. Apply to another company. Low pay, no paid travel. Not a good place to work for unless your are just trying to build your resume. Get what you need and leave for a better outfit.

They offered me a mates job on a two watch boat for 420$ a day. Pretty sure thats Close to AB pay at good NY companies.

[QUOTE=acesouthcoast;149704]They offered me a mates job on a two watch boat for 420$ a day. Pretty sure thats Close to AB pay at good NY companies.[/QUOTE]

Sometimes you have to take a job even though it is low paying to set yourself up to be able to get a better and higher paying job.

Ab tankerman, but not regular ab.

Pretty close to that. AB tankermen at my company make 490$ per day.

2 yrs ago the rate for a licensed engineer was 462 ? When i spoke to them. Very nice on the phone, but i hear you have to drink the company kool-aid pretty hard. They have alot of stuff up in NYC, and ive talked to guys who where happy over there for a little less money.

A friend who is at MAMA getting his initial credentials said that Vane Bros came though there a few days ago trying to recruit people. They said they are building 6 new boats. He said they offered $200 a day for green ABs to start.

I also hear this big game about hire hire build build but then it’s like…well you’ll have to wait for an opening! Hire guys and run them as extras, that’s how you get good quality people. Top talent won’t stay at a crap job waiting, they will be looking elsewhere.

I know a couple of experienced tugboat captains that had to sail mate at about $450 for a couple years at Vane before moving up to captain at around $600. The best thing that I’ve heard about Vane is that they do not overpay the tankerman, as so many other companies do.

$200 a day is plenty to pay for a green AB that has never worked on a commercial tug before.

Hah, the best thing about Vane is they don’t overpay tankerman? Seems like they don’t overpay anybody. I know AB’s making very close if not the same as some mates there. I love how wheelhouse guys get so bent outta shape about what tankermen make too.

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They arent called “TICK’s” for just any reason. As reformed tank trash ive seen the slugs in action, to many of them believe a tankerman endorsement is something special. I know some sharp tankerman, but they are few and far between. With so many guys retiring from the industry in the next little bit i believe the licensed guys are in for a wage jump close to the GOM guys, at least I can hope.

I don’t tow oil, so I don’t have much firsthand experience with tankermen. Most of the ABs I’ve had that also happened to be tankermen had serious personality disorders. If you ask most guys what they like least about towing oil (actually you don’t need to ask), they often say “the effin’ tankermen.” Mates tell about having worked at companies where the tankermen (its not a license) make as much, and sometimes more, than the mates (who hold master of towing). I am sorry if anyone is offended, but there is no way an unlicensed AB with a tankermen endorsement should be paid as much as a mate with master of towing. That is seriously screwed up.

I have heard Vane called a “tankerman company,” but hear that they pay their mates about $150 a day more than the tankerman. That seems more reasonable to me.

I’ll agree, I think on average there’s more nutt-jobs as tankerman than any other position. I think this is just an ego thing though. I’ve never had a problem with barge captains making as much as mates. From what I’ve seen they have an equal amount of responsibility, doesn’t matter if a license is required to do the job or not. Plus, it’s not like master of towing is a hard license to get. That apprentice mate/steersman test was the easiest part of getting a license, the rest is just a toar, which depending on your DE can also be cake to get, and seatime. The way I see it, if you think you’re getting a fair wage then wtf do you care what somebody else is getting? If you don’t think your wage is fair than go somewhere else. Also, apparently every company that pays os’s or tankerman a decent wage is a tankerman or OS company. I think these companies make enough money that it’s ok if they wanna share the wealth.

Vane just gave a 5% raise from what I hear. Still last in pay in NY harbor.

Whats 5% of jack shit?

I guess that brings mates up to around 440-470 and captains to around 630? Not too bad but def still worst in New York.