Vane brothers

I started at vane brothers in new York harbor 2 years ago. Even though they are non union it was a good company. They would always take care of travel for u coming from Philadelphia or Maryland. Starting today they don’t take care of anything that has to do with travel. I am hoping other companies in new York harbor strike a deal to keep harbor wages this way vane brothers has some kind of competition.
Anybody working for any other harbor companies , please let me know how u guys are doing with your salary and harbor work. This way is guys at vane have something to look forward to.

You obviously didn’t read the memo correctly. And besides that, it has always been VLB policy to get you from your vessels homeport to the vessel. And as far as what you may be looking forward to… Vane is an “at will” employer. Which means if you’re unhappy, you can leave at will.

They used to let you fly to Philly or drive to Philly and van u to where your tug or barge is. Now that has stopped. And as for you saying an "at will " company. They always make deals with certain personnel either tug or barge when it comes to working over. They won’t even cover your travel if u are working over in another home port.
U must be a company man that has been with vane for a long time and never seen what harbor wage should be. My advice to you is to take your head out of your ass and look at what’s going on. Fleet 5 is not even close to new York wages.

That’s why Vane has eastern shore people working there. Cause they don’t know any better & have boats with tangerines & smith island folks on them.

That’s right. They keep bringing down our wages because they know they will always have tangerines to cover the slots. This tillet guy must be from the eastern shore or from another fleet other than fleet five(which is new York fleet).
I am not the only one that feels like we are working like immigrant workers. This is America, every company is an “at will” company. It’s just a shame that we fought so hard to get where we were to have some “out of towers” to settle for immigrant wages.

I thought VB was a good company to work for. I guess the management thinks that they are the ones who earn the money and not the boat crews.

There is always going to be us and them. Strength and numbers.

I’m Captain on the tug Anacostia. I have twenty years in the industry at various companies. I’m not from the eastern shore. I’ve been with Vane since '04. I’d like to believe I’ve been a loyal employee at each company I have worked for. My grandfather showed me the importance of being a valued and reliable person. And I get tired of hearing the “grass is greener” whining.

As I said in my previous post, it has always been Vane policy to get you from your vessels homeport to the vessel. And the employee was responsible for getting to his homeport. At least since the beginning of my employment. It was when the company was growing that it began to be lenient about those arrangements. Fleet five isn’t any more special than any other fleet. But if there is an issue between the fleets, then that is something you should address with your Port Captain.

I know and understand the problems of people who have cut their own deals. It has caused me grief as well. And I’m also tired of hearing the gripes about missing the ferry because of a crew change or for whatever reason. I used to have a seven hour drive to get to Philly on crew change, but I was aware of that when I came to work here. People, no matter where they are from, need to understand what they are getting into when the apply to a employer they desire to work for.

[QUOTE=Tugted;75415]… tangerines & smith island folks…[/QUOTE]

What/who are these persons?

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If you’re so bummed about low wages why dont you get fleet 5 or whatever it’s called to join a union. The rest of us pay dues an work together with our union to negotiate wages. We are the reason vane has to stay competitive. Although I think our AB’s make what your mates make per day.

Moving oil barges around NY harbor is no easy task an you should be compensated for it. Good luck!

Vane Bros. is one of many reasons why NY wages are consistently being driven down. They are not a NY company coupled with the fact that their employees are willing to work for less money equals lower day rates. If any red flag pushers deserve more money it’s the guys at Vane. They generally do all docking without an assist which is not an easy task with the tides and currents in NY. Joining a union doesn’t mean jack crap in NY anymore. You could join the Micky Mouse Club and the FOP’s could care less. They are still only going to pay you what they see fit. There is no strength and unity within the ranks of most companies and the FOP’s know it. There is always someone willing to work for the peanuts. As far as travel goes, good luck getting any company to “properly” compensate you. Any company working in the oil and gas industry is making money. If they’re not…they have made some poor business choices at the end of the day. Your company can pay for travel…and they should. However, they’re going to stop paying if they can…and they will stop. Once again, someone will always be ready to take the wheel from you and do it for cheaper. This is a money hungry, capitalistic, fast food, self centered, exercise in a bottle, lazy ass, hip hop nation. Get the job and make money now while you can. It’s only a matter of time until we mariners lose our “right” to work on United States vessels. That’s my 0430 rant for the day. Good luck and stay safe out there.

Well said, your defiantly the voice of reason.

Preach it Brother Rhib!