Vane Brothers?

Seen and read a bit about [I]Vane Brothers[/I] building more equipment there in the Chesapeake Bay area. The one thing I don’t here about is how that equipment actually is and how the company is to work for if you’re a licensed mariner. Does anyone have any of this info concerning [I]Vane Brothers[/I]? I saw someone’s last thread concerning the company in October, but wanted to see if there’s some newer info out now.

 I'm skeptical of those companies that throw those hiring ads up in the back of the magazines (ie. [I]Workboat[/I], [I]Professional Mariner[/I], etc.).                 [I]Vane Brothers[/I] is one of those with the posts.

Vane has almost all new equipment, with most being less than 5 years old, some brand new, right off the ways. They only have two ATB’s. The rest is traditional wire fleet.

They seem to be a throwback to a ‘Mom and Pop’ type operation. Small boat mentality, Southern point of view, ABSOLUTELY NON UNION, less than Union wages, Not particularly progressive, and a little ‘good old boy’ networking. I know several guys who work there and they are absolutely delirious with the company. I also know of several who have left. But I do know that you have to pay a pretty big chunk of change for healthcare, and they don’t put in alot towards 401k. Maybe if you need a place to start, or are rabidly anti union, or don’t mind the good ole boy network it wouldn’t be bad.

If you’re looking for a fast track into the wheelhouse (and have a TOAR, or MTV) Hornbeck would work too!

I spoke with Vane at the start of the year and they are hiring tankermen-pic but not deckhands. They dont pay travel unless you work on one of the boats that travels. Most of the work is in Philadelphia. I dont remember the pay but the only pay worth anything was the Tankermen job and I think it was over 350 a day.

tankerman is 330 a day, im there now, but they have wierd pay changes (sail past this point etc you get a little more). i started the thread in october before i got hired there, lets say this, i know they watch this forum, so if you want to know what i think email me,

I have applied there several times, and im in the process of it again. I have a Mate of towing, and im an AB but they never seem to have anything available. I think for them to hire you you have to be from Tangier, Smith Island, Crisfield or Reedville and be over the age of 65. Im just trying to get away from these floating scrapyards im on now. I would do almost anything to get on with them. And the pay has got to be better than where im at now… actually everywhere the pay is better than here.

I just checked Hornbeck, they have 4 open jobs 3 shoreside in LA and a cooks spot.

Vane Bros seemed interested in me, but I am SICK & TIRED of the anti-Union good-ole boy outfits. I had enough of that crap down in the GOM. Workers have a right to organize. Unions do bring about better pay and benefits.

then stay away from this place, i heard more about no unions during orientation than i did about the benefits or travel or crew change…

Vane Brothers has great boats, all the boats are brand new (meaning last 3 years) some older but mostly new boats. the boats are very comfortable, each room has a sat tv, and internet. They also have more horsepower to barge size then the other companies, so when you need the power you got it. on the 30,000 bbl barges they use 3000-4200 hp. any more questions just let me know.

[QUOTE=chgonyer;46568]then stay away from this place, i heard more about no unions during orientation than i did about the benefits or travel or crew change…[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the feedback… Sounds like I might not have been a “good” fit with their corporate “culture”.:rolleyes:

Does anyone know what family health care costs at Vane? What the 401k match is? What starting AB pay is? Thanks in advance!

13 payments of 450 amonth for a family. and ab tankerman is 330 a day