Vane brothers

anybody know the word about vane brothers?good outfit? pay for ab/tankermen, etc…everybody that warned me about Bouchard was 100% correct, so good call on that one guys, unfortunatly had to take what was offered.

I have not heard anything bad. I applied there as well and have’nt heard a thing. There are blogs on the subject if you do a search.

yeah they dont seem to hire to many people at a time, my buddyworks there and loves it but its the only company he has worked for so he doesnt have anything to compare to.

They pay less than union scale in NYC. They have most of the bunker work in NYC and a contract with Hess. Their Medical insurance is expensive 300+/month. A majority of their boats are pinned and brand, spanking new. I know of three guys that went over there are COMPLETELY happy with what they are doing and who they work for. Happy.

hell im paying close to 400 a month a bouchard for family med and dental and it is crappy coverage

Did I read that correct? Most of their boats are pinned??? I don’t think so. Brand spanking new yes, but they only have two or three ATBs.

Of the countless resume’s I have submitted over the past year, Vane Brothers was the only company that took the time to actually respond, both via Email AND an actual phone call. While they didn’t have a position for me, they still took the time to not only contact me, but to offer information for other companies that might be hiring. I appreciated this tremendously, since, unfortunately, this type of courtesy is the exception and not the rule among most employers in this day and age. Others that I know have recommended them highly, as well. I’m hoping that one day I’ll get a foot in the door with them.

if you are from tangier island you will fit in well @ Vane.

[QUOTE=cappy208;42520]Did I read that correct? Most of their boats are pinned??? I don’t think so. Brand spanking new yes, but they only have two or three ATBs.[/QUOTE]

I seem to remember those 3000hp boats having pins but I could be wrong(wouldn’t be the first time). They also have an option to buy two Gelately boats at the end of the Hess charter so I’m told. Vane is doing okay.

And as to Medical insurance, I paid $155.00/month at KSEA for my FAMILY (up until May of this year) It was GOOD coverage.

i was ksea west coast (seacoast then sirius bought by ksea) it was kinda messed up for awhile after the buy outs untill we got inline with the east coast guys

What boat are you on? I’m on the Jane A Bouchard.

im on the b280

The insurance is fantastic and they cover their employees in full - no premium is paid for the employee. The 300 is for a wife or family.

I have worked at both companies, If you can survive 2 years in the wheelhouse at Bouchard you are one of the elite. Morty has the best equiqtment and the best pay. Unfortunatly and in my own opinion he is crazier than a bag of wet cats. As for Vane I have nothing good to say. The person running their day to day ops is one of the ones that participated in the distruction of Maritrans tug division. A friend of mine is there and he repeatedly tells me of the problems they have with employing people without the proper license. Their new build 3000 are just tow wire boats and they are Cort Nozzle.
But then oatmeal is better than NO Meal.

all im saying is that so far top notch outfit, going bouchard to vane is like moving from the ninth circle of hell into a hooters with all you can drink beer and eat …wings that is

I worked as a deckhand for them about a dozen years back. TugTed is right, if you’re from Tangier Island, you’ll fit in just fine. If not, good luck.

Some of the Yankees I worked with there weren’t but the non-Yankee fleet was stuffed with some of the most ignorant redneck North Carolinians I have ever come across. I couldn’t go one week without some snide comment about being a ‘ni–er lover Yankee’. Even among the decent guys there was more ignorance and fighting over stupid shit I have ever witnessed. The company hired me at $100/day, which was supposed to go up to 125 after three months. Of course, at three months i asked for my raise, only to be told ‘No we said 6 months’. I was looking for another job the whole time I was working there and was glad to leave.
Back then, most of the boats stayed in Philly, shuttling stuff across the river back and forth. An occasional trip was made up to NYC, Boston, or down to Norfolk or Baltimore. The tankermen seemed to have it ok. They shared a small room, tankered almost non-stop, and did their own grub shopping. If you’re hiring on as a Captain or mate, you better have handling skills, because they seem to never stop running, dock to dock.