Vane Bros Schedule and Pay

I’ve been working as an AB on an ATB in NYC the past few years, my current company seems to be going downhill fast and I’m looking for potential other jobs.

I hear Vane is hiring but I don’t know much about them. I have a Mate of Towing and 3rd Mate license so I don’t mind starting off as an AB but my goal is to get in the wheelhouse as fast as possible.

Does Vane have any sort of training programs for their new mates, what type of schedule do their boats do (2 for 1 or a 1 for 1), and what are the pay and benefits like?

Not sure on pay but schedule looks to be 3/3 on the tugs according to the descriptions they sent me. I just applied this week.

Expect to work deck a couple of years.

Decent outfit.

I don’t mind working on deck I wouldn’t expect them to put me in the wheelhouse right away, I was just wondering what the typical process there is to be promoted to mate

Nice thats a good schedule can you let me know if you find out anything more about pay and benefits?

I’m not going to pursue it any further. I’m not looking for 3/3. Send them your resume, cover letter and credential. They got back to me within a few hours.

Loved 3 and 3. If they needed an early relief for whatever reason, or fill in some where else,my name was on the short list. Hoped I wouldn’t get that call, but was quite ok most of the time.

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Me too. I worked it for 3.5 yrs & I think all my paychecks were pretty much the same, 10.5+/- days per paycheck. But it didn’t work out like that for my relief crew & they complained alot that their pay schedule was out of whack compared to ours. My time off/at home worked out good for the family too. My young kids could still remembered who I was after 21 days away.


About 2 days to deprogram on returning home, get shit done for about 15 or 16 days, a couple of days to dread going back. Rinse, repeat. Wasn’t too bad.


3/3 is the next best thing to 2/2, and better than 4/4.

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Early on, did 20/10, then 30/15. Those tours generally were more than 20 and 30 onboard. Reliefs were not uncommonly slow coming back. I didn’t mind, I took their paycheck Thought I fell into the honeypot at the couple of outfits I worked for were two weeks on two off. Not enough time to get shit done at home, but nice too have a shorter trip to get away from the madness. But I had to come back to it in a shorter time as well. 3 and 3 was perfect for me. Was lucky later on that my relief covered my ass on the rare occasion I needed a few extra days, as well I covered them if they needed the favor returned. Equal time was awesome.

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Apply and see what happens pay wise. I have yet to ever see vanes day rate posted here. As far as wheelhouse, I’ve heard there is a long wait list so if your company is going downhill and you’ve already been an ab for a while, might be worth it to look elsewhere and then reapply when you have time In the wheelhouse. I’ve heard benefits and culture are pretty solid though…

I did 14/7 for a long time…i was driving distance from the boat so it wasn’t that bad…but still a grind.
2 for 1 is a money making hitch, but luckily for me i can live fine on even time, and thats the only way to go for me these days. Like you said, 3/3 is nice and makes it not such a bad pill to swallow coming in early or working over occasionally.

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I don’t think I could ever do a 2 for 1 schedule, seems way to hard on your personal/family life. I love my job but I work to live not live to work.


I sent you a PM btw.

The former port captain/ ops guy at Vane is an experienced tug captain that I’ve worked with decades ago… Damn good fellow. Not sure if he is still there, or sits in with H.R. during interviews. Hopefully you can at least get an interview, and he is in the room. “Rick”

Last I heard he was still there and I agree he was a good guy. It’s rare to have someone in the office that came off the boats to really pull of the guys and have their backs!

Rick still here. General Manager.

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“Downhill fast in NYC” I’m assuming you’re working for Centerline Logistics?