Vane Bros insolvent?

I had an industry source tell me that Vane is insolvent. Selling off their equipment including 4 tugs under construction.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

They don’t have any under construction. A lot laid up.

That would be a pretty big shake up in the North East if that’s true. Hopefully things work out or a lot of mariners could be on the street.

Would that make them Street Walkers? :rofl:

Since there appears to be a shortage of workers in all industries, incl. maritime industries, it may be a blessing in the long run.

Last i heard they were hurting for people like everyone else.


Hey $20 is $20…

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I heard overall gentrification was pushing them out of their Brooklyn NY yard, but haven’t heard anything else. Hope it’s not true, they’ve been putting bread on my table for years.