Vane Brothers Layoffs

If anyone is wondering, the rumer is True.

4-4,200 HP Boats and 4-50,000 Bbbl. Barges being tied up.

Captains, Mates, Engineers, Deckhands and Tankermen.

57 Total.

Not a good sign for the Tug/Barge Industry.

Yet they are still building boats at Chesapeake in Salisbury? I just read an article not a month ago that they just signed to have another built.

Just heard about. Ouch.

Shitty news but at least the gulf seems to be picking up.

I thought they might have that trouble. They were expanding faster than they could make money. I guess Kirby will buy them next.

My captain was one to get laid off. He was told a total of 40 were being laid off and the company was “restructuring”. I can’t believe this. We just got off our tour. Anyone else work for Vane?

I just left Vane 2 weeks ago…I saw the writing on the wall…glad I did…but I liked working there…nice people

Saw the writing on the wall? Care to elaborate?

Well…lots of idle boats and barges…some lost contracts…closing of 2 Sunoco refineries which were bread and butter…and spending too much. It all equaled a bad recipe. So I decided to take a good job offer in the oil patch…I feel bad for my friends at Vane who have been laid off and wish them all well…

Well that is certainly clear hand writing! What refineries closed? And if they are tying up boats why are they still building them?

I really don’t know why the newbuilds continue other than hoping for a change in the markets. Sunoco closed Marcus Hook and Point Breeze…

Do they do bunkering in Charleston. I dont ever see the boats on AIS but they claim they do/did it

Yes…one boat and barge

uggghhhh…good lord and i applied to them for some work, about a month ago. Shit and it was one of the few companies to get with me back on the phone and tell me my app/resume looked on the level,and to call back later for they may have something. man i was hoping they would give me work too. well will still try being new they may try to pick up someone on the cheap.

I know their main thing is bunkering but I dont see why they continued to build wire boats when the new trend is ATBs. I see their 2 ATBs all the time but I guess they know more than I do

I agree! ATB’S all the way

I left them about 6 months ago, saw the signs as well. Grew to fast, lots of boats/barges sitting around. Hell there were barges in NY that were bragging about not working for weeks!!! The funny thing is, when I was hired that was their big selling point…“we have never laid anyone off and we never will.” And a lot of guys working there said they were fine with no raises/bonuses or holidays because Vane never lays people off, wonder if they are still bleeding Vane colors now?

I guess its time to stop running now hiring ads in PR and Work boat

Hell, they will probably be running them ads even after the doors close!!

They are a good company with smart people…im sure this will be very temporary …