Vane Brothers Layoffs

Never said they werent nice guys, liked everyone i worked with on the boats. IMHO, they tried to grow to fast, saw the same thing right before and after ksea bought seacoast. Over saturated the market and screwed themselves.

All of us as mariners are a brotherhood. I pray for those affected and hope for the best for us all. We have families that depend on us, and we depend on each other for support.

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Well said Tillettso! I agree 100%.

I sailed with that outfit.Class act.

I’m sure they will bounce back.

I hear this is just round one with more lay offs to follow. Rumor ??? I hope so.

Hopefully that’s just a rumor. We were told that it would be a one time thing and I believe it. 20% layoff in the offices as well so seems like a pretty intelligent downsize. It’s a scary time though. Be careful out there and do your job well.

Are there any new updates on the Vane Brothers lay off?

Anything new on this ? Heard they are hiring people outside the people they laid off?

Think they weeded out some trouble makers.

Nah I can’t believe all 50+ were trouble makers

I have hard time believing all 50+ who were laid off were all troubled .

[QUOTE=heavyseas;64999]I sailed with that outfit.Class act.[/QUOTE]


Most class outfits hire outside power to move their barges while some of their boats are tied up and longtime employees laid off.

And, no. I do not work for them.

I should have said twelve years ago things change.

They’ve hired a lot of the guys back. A few friends of mine were part of the layoffs but have been since been rehired.

[QUOTE=Bigpuddie;64868]I really don’t know why the newbuilds continue other than hoping for a change in the markets. Sunoco closed Marcus Hook and Point Breeze…[/QUOTE]

Once a contract for newbuild is signed and long lead time material ordered, etc it is very difficult to get out from a legal standpoint…what usually happens in these cases is the vessel is shopped around for another buyer, and can be sold even before completion/delivery. Unless of course they choose to operate the new boats and sell the old (and there are regulatory reasons why they may wish to do so).

On the layoffs; sad news, best wishes to all affected.