Layoffs at Bouchard

Has anyone else heard about layoffs at Bouchard. My chief talked to one of the boats at Cadells and they said they were sending a bunch of guys home and that the office had failed their ISM audit. ABS was giving them until Sept to get it together and try again. Sounds like they are having more trouble.

I crew changed at Caddells last week and counted 9 boats tied up. Been that way for at least a month. The newest boat “Evening Breeze” was there as well as 8 others…

Also saw two barges tied up at berth 50 port Elizabeth where Harley use to put their barges…another bad sign for Bouchard…

The bottles must be piling up in Morty’s office!

Just taken today

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Evening breeeze was just loading in Marcus hook the other day

The Donna J/B272 were just loading in the River.

There are for sure a few boats still working but we heard the info from the OP directly from the crew onboard. I’ve also heard that they are not paying guys while the boat isn’t on charter. Basically if the boat is moving they are paying and once the freight job is done they can go home or sit on the tug but either way they don’t get paid. Morty is doing his usual screwing everyone else without a care in the world…

Between some of the people they employ and what has happened over the years, I still am in disbelief that they are still around. Sorry for the ones who are worth a shit at that company, but they truly need to be put out of business.


Reid Macalister shifted a Bouchard barge innphully today to go load. Very odd site

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They lost the ism doc cert on Tuesday of this week. They can trade domestically until sub m full enforcement but not internationally


Same thing in NY harbor.

The layoffs have definitely happened in NYC. I am receiving calls from guys looking for work.

Was loading at IMTT Bayonne today saw the same old story at caddells. At least 8 boats tied up…

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Current update…not one has AIS turned on

Saw this posted on another page today. Looks like Morty is making a last ditch effort.

From the outline of that letter it looks like properly working the SMS/ISM programs is something new to Bouchard which is hard to believe in 2019 with a company that size. That definitely won’t look good in a court room when Bouchard is defending itself against the lawsuits against them. And if I’m right & that company & their employees don’t know & haven’t been following their own SMS/ISM it doesn’t bode well for ABS & USCG either for not pulling their DOC sooner to save a few lives. But better late than never I guess?


“Donations” were being made and heads were being turned away. Finally caught up to both parties.


I’ve worked NY Harbor & know corruption there is just as bad as some 3rd world countries but it’s hard to believe with the USCG/ABS. From my experience, the USCG/ABS guys are a well diversed bunch from all over the place from all walks of life. I can understand 2 or 3 dirtbags sneaking in with a group of a hundred but not enough from all over the place to get paid off to let a non-complaint company slip by for decades. I’ve had a couple of USCG inspectors onboard who refused to eat with us because they didn’t want the free meal to interfere with their travel per diem. I’ve always got the impression that the USCG were pretty much straighshooters.

You’re right, but we’re talking millions. I’m not talking about greasing a couple inspectors when they come on board. It comes from the top.