Bouchard missed January 1 payroll?

Can anyone confirm?


That is correct

I saw something on Facebook saying that more boats were tied up. Someone posted that NY State told them to have their vessels vacate to state, which makes no sense to me. I’m only sharing what was posted there but am wondering if anyone has heard about more boats getting tied / laid up?

Turns out the leaving the Anchorage’s from the COTP was because some of the units are minimally manned and they didn’t want them dragging anchor when the gale blew through. At least that’s what someone heard from one of his friend that still works there. I heard the radio calls. The Jane Bouchard spent all day Thursday just driving around the harbor and the Kills. No idea why. They were light tug.


Getting new hires (lol) some recentcy?

Funny you say that. I was speaking with a guy in Florida yesterday on an unrelated matter. He told me he applied at Bouchard for a Masters position.

I told him he may very well get hired, but he may not get paid. He may also have his hitch extended indefinitely or until Morty throws in the towel.

On the bright side. Its real easy to get fired, so that’s one way off a boat.

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Probably giving stores to boats and barges. Fuel, water, Lube Oil etc. The new norm

After looking at that track that is definitely what they were doing. Barges at Brooklyn Piers, Port Newark and units anchored in raritan

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