Bouchard Kicked out of NY Harbor anchorages by COTP

Just listening to the radio in NY Harbor and the COTP has been calling all Bouchard Tugs anchored in the harbor telling them to depart no later than 1800 tomorrow. We’ll see where this goes.


And so it begins…


They have since told them that they should all go tie up to a dock due to gale force winds on Thursday. It’s supposed to blow up by then but it’s pretty off to have the COTP to only order one fleet to tie up. I’m anchored in the harbor and no one told us to leave and they didn’t call any other company in Bayridge. Something is going down.

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Womp womp

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In foreign countries when the Port State Control calls all the boats from the same company or the same flag to the dock for some odd reason it usually means it’s shakedown time & equipment, documents or people are about to be confiscated.

Saves the Marshall’s from having to find a ride out


They have a few boats still tied up down here in Tampa too and the word on the street is they are 7 days late on paying what crew they do have working

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They got paid yesterday