USCG Wall Certificates

I downloaded the USGG pdf hoping to have a nice wall license that looks like the ones they used to give you… The new ones look like crap. Im very disapointed. They dont even say Officer. They just say certificate. There is no signature block, they look fake Does anyone know where I can have a nice one made up?
Capt Doug.

Now this has me thinking… there is a business opportunity here for someone. I wonder if any of the old BMCMs stashed any of those serialized blanks in a locker somewhere instead of shredding them like they were supposed to.

But seriously, your best bet may be to find a good counterfeiter. I don’t know where they advertise their services, though.

Are you referring to these, from 30 years ago?


This is the closest thing I’ve found.


Thank You
That is an Excellent find

Capt Doug

That’s nice and all but it seems if someone could recreate the old school Master’s certificate, they could probably do fairly well business wise

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I agree. I also think it is extremely disingenuous to call Martinsburg, WW a port as is done in the example.

It’s a landlocked port.

1 Like Try these people. They make the Shell Back certificates s and stuff. Very nice people. It’s amazing that they can look up all the past navy commanders for your certificates

"Captain Mark is a USCG Licensed Master Captain’


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Really, he is. He has the patches to prove it.

Do they come with the certificate?

That must be his old patch because he’s now a Master Captain not just an ordinary captain.

The MC’s just like to complain about how lazy the OC’s are compared to their time coming up.

Never heard of a master captain. Or a royal pita

Im still looking for any info as to where or who makes wall licenses suitable for framing like the ones you got 30 years ago . Thanks Capt. Doug

The USCG wall certificate resolution certainly is ridiculous. They just need to use a higher resolution PDF or JPEG, it’s that simple!! Has anyone called and asked?