USCG medical exam

Good Morning, I need to find list of USCG licensed medical centres where I can get my CG physical
re-newed . I am living in the Brunswick/Portland area of south central Maine.
Could somebody please give me a little guidance here
Thank you best regards all round
Steve Heaney

Print cg719k form and bring it to your primary care provider.

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Any doctor is ok. Some are more familiar with the USCG forms.

I find that it’s often best to go to one of the same national chains of occupational clinics that the employers use, such Concerta. If you have a recent physical from the same clinic that your potential employer uses, you may get a little preference in hiring, and you may not need another pre-employment physical.

Any U.S. licensed doctor or nurse practitioner can do the exam. It’s a good idea to give them the forms before you show up for the appointment.

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One thing that I have learned from talking to friends that are still sailing.

If there are any “Red Flags” on your Physical, it might be a good idea to always us the same Doctor for each and every Physical. Not saying they might question a different Doctor but a couple of guys have had them ask more questions when they used different Doctors. Maybe it had nothing to do with going somewhere else but you never know.

There is a Dr. Deck, a name that’s hard to forget, that works at Martin’s Point Health Care in Brunswick, he’s done them before. As said upthread it’s smart to get them the forms in advance.

I once took one at a drop in clinic offering sports physicals. As long as they fill out the correct 719 you should be fine

Dr. David Inger, at Martin’s Point in Brunswick has been doing my physicals for the past 15 years, and practices alongside Dr. Marcus Deck as mentioned earlier by Kennebec_Captain. Both doctors are familiar with the USCG 719K forms and their requirements.

Make sure your primary care provider has one of the listed color vision tests. Mine did not, but the local eye care people I get my glasses from did of course. So it took two visits to places I was planning on going to anyways for regular checkups and it took three or four days to process in West Virginia.

Easy Peasy.

An other reason to use one of the large national occupational clinics that does DOT and USCG physicals everyday is that they have all the right equipment and the right forms. If an employer sends you to one of the chain clinics elsewhere, clinics in the same chain will have your records on the computer. A quick google search shows one of these clinics in Brunswick and three clinics in Portland.

I have actually used urgent care clinics in FL and IL. As long as they were familiar with DOT physicals they could do the USCG one. That and any clinic that deals with occupational health seem to do them with no problems. Now if you have unusual circumstances like take prescription medications or have other issues I would definitely use your normal family doctor because he will have any records the USCG may need.