USCG physical near Los Angeles

Anyone in the LA region known of cheap place to get a physical? One place online wanted 450. Yeah right.

In long beach, ocean blvd across the street from the REC. I think the clinic is called concentra now.
All the maritime companies use them for pre employment. They are well acquainted with a uscg physical. Haven’t had to pay for my own in a few years but i would think a uscg physical is around 100 bucks. It sure as hell isn’t 450.

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Do you have any form of health insurance? If so most insurance plans I’ve looked at cover one free annual physical as preventive care. I always use that free one and just drop off the USCG form ahead of time for the doctor to review and mention that I’ll need it filled out during the physical.

If you are not covered then yeah, keep looking, 450 sounds about double the last one I had to pay for (Not in CA).

I’ve always been afraid about doing that…few friends of mine had their 719k filled out incorrectly and it created delays for them.

Good thing about the place above is they know and have experience filling out the 719k. I’d eat the cost instead of taking the chance of my personal doctor not filling it out correctly.

I’m not discounting finding a place that fills them out regularly. But I’ve had the required physical every two years in various states, I’ve never used the same doctor twice, and often it’s their first time filling out the form.

I always sit in the waiting room and review the entire form before I leave the office to make sure it’s correct. If the doctor missed something I have them address it before I leave their office.

The instructions and guidelines print with the form, it is in a mariners interest to read them too before submitting and getting held up.

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Like @Ctony said Concentra on Ocean Blvd in Long Beach does USCG physicals. I believe it is around $140.