USCG Medical in Houston

I called around to 3 Concentra Health locations yesterday trying to make an appointment for renewing my medical and every single place wanted around $140 for the physical and an additional $90 for hooking me up to some “lifting machine” which they called the “HP”…? They said no doctor would sign of on my CG-719K without doing this extra “test”

What the hell is this quackery? Is this like the shit they make you do when you work for ECO?

I explained to them that they are talking nonsense and that there is no such thing in relation to the CG-719K and that they were making stuff up but they would not budge. Anybody have any recommended spots to get my medical completed.

I’m fit unlike your average oil field worker but I still prefer to go to these occupational health places because they get you in and out quick. They know it’s just shuffling papers.