Drug test and physical

i completed my application for my mmd(z-card). im ready to take the drug test and physical. doest anyony know where i can take the drug test and physical in new orleans,La?? is it possible to take both of them at the same place? any information about the drug test and physical would be helpful thanks

There is an occupational doctor in Kenner on Veterans. It is in a shopping center catty corner from the KFC. Sorry but the name eludes me right now.

It wouldn’t hurt to try your primary care if you have insurance; last time i had mine fill out a physical form for me they asked if i needed a whiz-quiz, but being tested by work every few weeks is good enough for me. So your primary care if you have one may be able to do it all. Worth checking.

Otherwise just look for ‘occupational’ health/medical or whatever. Down in that area they should be pretty common with it! should be able to do it at the same place if you go that route.

This company comes to mind from past experience…and looks like they have a location or two down your way: http://www.concentra.com/

thanks for the information. I greatly appreciate it. was a little confused when they said it had to be samsha certified facility and didn’t know where they were located in my area thanks

Go to Concentra Urgent Care.

You have to have a certified Medical Review Officer to fill out the form for you for the USCG. I tried to get my own drug test ad could not. I’m in the North East, NY area. I called around and around… Quest diagnostics referred me to a company that knew exactly what I needed and they sent me the drug test Chain of Custody, etc… I beleive I paid like $80.00 including all. Got my clearance letter pretty fast too! There has to be a similar situation where you are. Good luck buddy!

Are all MD’s “certified Medical Review Officer’s”? Because I’ve had mine done by a hodgepodge of MD’s, both my primary care physicians or just random doc-in-a-box MD’s, all over the country, and never had an issue with the USCG.

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Different requirements for the medical and drug test. My primary care physician was able to do everything but the vision test, and the local eye doctor I use next to the Eye Master store took care of the vision.

The exam and renewal took a whopping four days to approve and I got my new medical fitness certificate less than a week after actually taking the exam.

The drug test is different. Most places that do plenty of them can do it right away, but must send the sample to an MRO for review.

I use a lab called “Any Lab Test Now” and they seem to be pretty good and the costs for most tests I get done (pre-employment and periodic) for clients I ship out for with a temp crewing agency are about half the cost of other labs in the area. Just make sure your specific about which actual drug test you need to have done.

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See 46 CFR 10.302(b). The physical can be done by any (US) licensed medical doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.

The medical review officer applies to drug tests. You may be thinking of a Designated Medical Examiner (DME) the Coast Guard has not yet developed policy for approval of DMEs.

It works real good to just tie it in to a regular checkup with your regular doctor. The only reason I also used my eye doctor is my regular one did not have the correct color vision test. No big deal since I was due for eye checkup anyways.