Uscg AB survey

Tonight I received an email from the uscg with a link to survey about AB endorsements.

I took the survey answering the questions diligently. Most were about how I view the duties required and how important they are.

When I got my first AB card in 1994 I had to lower a 1/5 scale lifeboat at the battery and tie all the knots in front of USCG senior chief. He actually told me of you break my boat you fail. Apparently he spent a lot of time repairing it after failed tests

I have worked with guys whose training consisted of watching a video, and countless other guys who couldnt tie a bowline.

Has anyone else seen this survey?

Everyone who holds AB and has a valid email address on file will get a link to the survey.

What is the USCG looking to accomplish?

Read the announcement I linked to.

Just finished it.