SIU looking for Licensed AB's through AMO

I recently received an e-mail from AMO dispatch saying to call if I would be interested in sailing in the SIU as an AB, to help get a foot in the door with some companies. Apparently AMO has hundreds applicants on the wait list. I’ve personally been on the wait list for almost a year with no luck. Does anyone know if the SIU and AMO have done this before? If so, does anyone have experiences with this path? SIU hurting for AB’s?

I have heard of many people working as ABs then getting promoted on AMO ships. Kind of a back door way to enter that many do. Not sure if those ABs were part of SIU or just worked for the company but most likely they were SIU but assigned to a specific ship. What kind of endorsements do you have?

3/m, with stcw, vpsd. All the basic stuff. I’ve got a security clearance too. I’ve heard that helps with AMO.

Direct message me. Its easier to talk

AMO has done this for a long time. I shipped through them as an AB in the early 90s with the same promise of an officer’s job. It never came through so I had to move on to the tug fleet. They said they lost 20 ship contracts that year and it’s been downhill ever since.

Definitely more opportunities in the tug fleet. With only 180 unlimited ships, both getting a job and advancement is difficult. Tug fleet isn’t bad, good money too.

Hey man I got the same email from AMO dispatch too. Was wondering if you ever reached out and got anymore details about the job? Day rate for AB and hitch length?